Workshop: Organizing Simplified: Maximize your Time and Space

Start spring off with a fresh, new, and organized space!

Backed up with laundry and to-dos? Can’t keep half the household and kids’ items straight?
Come learn some techniques to help your household flow!

Join us on Saturday afternoon, April 16th at 1pm for a workshop in home organizing!

We’ll learn some simple tricks for

  • Routine and Scheduling

  • Laundry Systems

  • Storage Solutions

Snap a few pictures of some spaces in your home that you wish were better laid out or utilized. Come ready to ask questions and to learn from other workshop goers. Bring a notebook and pen for note taking!

Q &A with Professional Organizer Shawna Childers of Organizing Solutions KC!

One lucky workshop attendee will win a FREE in-home consultation! 

Pre-register online at hOMe holistic family center to reserve your spot. Space is limited!

Donation based/pay what you can (suggested donation of $35).


Shawna Childers is the founder of Organizing Solutions KC, a Kansas City based company that specializes in professional organizing and organic household cleaning and body products.

She has over a decade of experience working with Kansas City area families. She’s helped them create more space in their lives for things that bring them joy by implementing schedules and action plans, organizing their spaces, and cleaning their homes without toxic chemicals.

She is passionate about helping people live richer, fuller lives by working with clients to examine their homes and routines for opportunities to improve efficiency and flow. She is fascinated by the relationship that people have to their possessions and has spent the later part of her life working to help them manage their items, spaces, and ideas.

She is an avid nature lover and very interested in learning how we connect with and affect our surroundings, whether it’s our home or world, both big picture and microbial. Since it’s a priority for her to limit the amount of chemicals in her household and exposure to her family, she makes her own organic cleaning products and body products.

She thrives on learning from people who want to share their life experiences, teaching others through her own, and making genuine, lasting connections in her community.


Making A Workshop Work

Part of a workshop’s job description is to do some pretty heavy work.   It has to house all the things that are needed to do a job.  In my client’s case the construction business is the name of the game and there are so many facets to that.  His workshop was not doing the work it needed to make things easy to find and ready to go!  Making A Workshop Work - messy workshop

There were too many things on the floor blocking the shelves….


Making A Workshop Work - messy concrete and paint

Or blocking other equipment that needed accessibility.


Making A Workshop Work - messy lawn care

The solution was to do some sorting and consolidating on the shelves and some rearranging.  So that they went from this….

Making A Workshop Work - messy shelves


To this!   My client was actually the genius that thought of pulling them out from the wall, back to back,  and I wholeheartedly agreed and felt a smidge sheepish that I didn’t think of that myself!!

Making A Workshop Work - organized shelves


And once the consolidating happened all the piles on the floor were able to go onto those shelves.


Making A Workshop Work - organized concrete bags

Making A Workshop Work - organized lawn care


We also made a home for the wood on the wall and I loved how it turned out!  Unfortunately, as is the case a lot of the time with me,  in my excitement to get started I failed to grab a picture of the large shelving unit that the wood was stored in before, but my client will tell you that it wasn’t working out!!!


Making A Workshop Work - organized wood on the wall


And the finished view, beyond the wood  is the following……


Making A Workshop Work - organized workshop


OH, I was all about making a workshop work and I think we did!


Project by Nicole in Kansas City

Making a Workshop Work - Organized Before and After Workshop