Organizing Simplified Workshop

Learn how to help your household flow smoother by implementing better routines, planning meals, and using a more efficient laundry system. We will talk about how to implement daily and weekly routines, getting the rest of the family on board, and customizing them to fit your household. We will plan one entire month of dinners … Continue reading Organizing Simplified Workshop

A Craft Room Rediscovered – Part 2

I had been to this craft room before!  And I was ready for another phase of getting it back to functioning for a busy mama! The last session we worked on clearing floor space and getting a lot of items out of the room.  Today it was time to clear a sewing area! Today was … Continue reading A Craft Room Rediscovered – Part 2

Straightening Up Office Storage

Like most closets, after a while, without fail... things get shoved in last minute just to be out of the way, and items have a tendency to get jumbled up. This office storage closet was no exception. It started off organized in containers and most like-items were with their counter parts but after a while, … Continue reading Straightening Up Office Storage

Organizing an Austin Kitchen

Every space, after a while, get's unorganized due to misc. items placed in random spots. This kitchen is one of those examples. Busy families seldom get the time to take a 4 hour break to re-organize their kitchen. Enter: professional organizers. This client had a pretty good idea where she wanted her kitchen items. She … Continue reading Organizing an Austin Kitchen