Workshop: Organizing Simplified: Maximize your Time and Space

Start spring off with a fresh, new, and organized space!

Backed up with laundry and to-dos? Can’t keep half the household and kids’ items straight?
Come learn some techniques to help your household flow!

Join us on Saturday afternoon, April 16th at 1pm for a workshop in home organizing!

We’ll learn some simple tricks for

  • Routine and Scheduling

  • Laundry Systems

  • Storage Solutions

Snap a few pictures of some spaces in your home that you wish were better laid out or utilized. Come ready to ask questions and to learn from other workshop goers. Bring a notebook and pen for note taking!

Q &A with Professional Organizer Shawna Childers of Organizing Solutions KC!

One lucky workshop attendee will win a FREE in-home consultation! 

Pre-register online at hOMe holistic family center to reserve your spot. Space is limited!

Donation based/pay what you can (suggested donation of $35).


Shawna Childers is the founder of Organizing Solutions KC, a Kansas City based company that specializes in professional organizing and organic household cleaning and body products.

She has over a decade of experience working with Kansas City area families. She’s helped them create more space in their lives for things that bring them joy by implementing schedules and action plans, organizing their spaces, and cleaning their homes without toxic chemicals.

She is passionate about helping people live richer, fuller lives by working with clients to examine their homes and routines for opportunities to improve efficiency and flow. She is fascinated by the relationship that people have to their possessions and has spent the later part of her life working to help them manage their items, spaces, and ideas.

She is an avid nature lover and very interested in learning how we connect with and affect our surroundings, whether it’s our home or world, both big picture and microbial. Since it’s a priority for her to limit the amount of chemicals in her household and exposure to her family, she makes her own organic cleaning products and body products.

She thrives on learning from people who want to share their life experiences, teaching others through her own, and making genuine, lasting connections in her community.


“The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” – Marie Kondo

I had planned on writing a review of this book when I started reading it after Christmas (I also gave one to my MIL and SIL). This book seemed to be all the rage and, as a professional organizer, I just had to see what all the fuss was about.

It’s a fast, easy read. She gets a little bit “out there” when she talks about items having feelings and preferences, but if you don’t take it too literal, she paints a good picture of what kind of vibe that’s projected by a bunch of stuff balled up and crammed in places.

The main point that I took away from her book (also happens to be the method that I use with my clients) is to physically hold and feel every single item you are organizing. Not only does putting in the hard work of organizing give you an ownership in keeping your place organized, it’s also cathartic to hold items that you haven’t seen for a while to really determine if they are needed in your life. She says that if it doesn’t spark joy than it’s time to say goodbye.


Like Marie, I’m also a big supporter of sorting items by category and not by room. I always get all like-items together in one place. That way you can really see what all you’re working with and you don’t have to keep redundant items.

I also loved her bit about not passing off your unwanted junk to your friends and family. It’s a big one that I don’t think a lot of people think about.

Overall, it’s a quick, light read. I don’t think it’s the absolute best book EVER, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about organizing and looking for somewhere to start!



Before and After Pics


Busy Professional Man's Closet - Before and After

  Organizing and Containing Bathroom Items - Organized and Contained Bathroom Items Before and After  organized closet before and after From Closet Chaos to Closet Tidy - Organized Closet and Room Before and After


Photographers Home Office - Before and After 1 Photographers Home Office - Before and After 2 Photographers Home Office - Before and After 3 Photographers Home Office - Before and After 4 Catch All Home Office - Before and After 1 Catch All Home Office - Before and After Dumping Ground Home Office - Before and After


Un-Packing a Catch-All Garage - organized garage before and after left side Dads Tool Bench Organized - Before and After Cluttered Garage - Before and After

craft rooms

 A Sewing Room - Before and After A Craft Room Rediscovered - De-Cluttered Craft Room Before and After A Craft Room Rediscovered - before and after of an organized sewing counter

Basements and Storage

Organized Basement Storage - Before and AfterOrganizing a Storage Closet - Before and After Organized Storage Closet

play rooms

Organizing a Toy Room - Before and After Organized Toy Room Organized Play Room - Before and After

laundry and linen

 Creating Laundry Room Storage - Before and After Stuffed Linen Closet - Organized Linen Closet Before and After

unpacking into organization

Unpacking a Kitchen 1 Unpacking a Kitchen

Get to Know Your Organizer: Shawna

Shawna Childers – Owner of Organizing Solutions KC
Lives in Overland Park, KS

What interests you about professional organizing?

I find it fascinating how we as humans have such an affinity for possessions. It’s super interesting to me how we attach our emotions to physical items and through that, they somehow get power over us. I’ve always loved having a place for all of my items which started with losing one of my all-time favorite barbies when I was just a wee little one and having the four year old equivalent of a nervous breakdown. I then decided that they would all be stored in the same place so I’d never have to lose another one again. Even as a teenager, I’d hear a friend complain about not being able to find something in their bedroom and I’d go on a crusade to help them clean their room and keep a better inventory. I love being able to help someone save time and de-stress by being able to keep their items in a manageable system. Life is too short to spend unnecessary time looking for things or to feel bad about how we’re keeping them.

How did you get into professional organizing?

As I said above, I’ve been ‘into’ it for as long as I can remember, except I didn’t know there was actually a career path dedicated to it. I spent my teenage years and most of my twenties working as a nanny. I’d spend a lot of nap times organizing clothing drawers and putting things away in a system that made my job easier. The families always loved the systems I’d implement and they would usually comment on how refreshing it was to have saved some time whether putting things away, or trying to find them. I had heard “you should be a professional organizer” from so many people and in early 2011 I started researching the market. OSI was born in July of 2011 with a simple website and some amazing referrals and it’s been uphill since!

What’s the best part about helping clients get more organized?

Usually when we’re doing our initial consultation and a client is taking me through their space or showing me a project that needs organizing help, they are frowny, frustrated, and feeling pretty overwhelmed. Their energy is dragging and I can tell they aren’t as happy as they could be. The best part about transforming someones space, implementing systems for their business, or just helping them “reset” an area of their home are the end results: lots of smiles, their feelings of relief, and the personal sense of satisfaction and inspiration that radiates from them. When I leave clients homes the energy is completely different. The rooms flow better, the attitudes of the occupants are more positive and uplifting and there’s no longer an air of dread lingering about. I love leaving people to enjoy their space instead of avoiding it or staring at it with discontent. My favorite part is when a client realizes “oh, that wasn’t that bad” and are then able to face other challenging areas of their home or life with a new “can do” attitude.

What’s the biggest challenge in helping clients get more organized?

Hmmm. The biggest challenge is probably encouraging people to get rid of things that are broken or that they no longer use or need without seeming too pushy or that I don’t understand it’s sentimental value. We all have things that we keep around because we cherish them and because there’s an amazing memory attached, but often times we don’t actually need to keep the item just to keep the memory.
I’ve found that taking photographs of sentimental items help a lot with preserving the memory. Instead of Grandma’s huge antique quilting machine taking up a ton of space in your garage, why not have it beautifully photographed and displayed on the wall in your laundry room? Chances are, you’d see it and think of her more often, and you’d have some prime storage real estate for say… parking your car?

What’s the most common question people ask you about organizing?

The first thing people usually ask me is, “So, is your house super organized?” And yeah… it pretty much is. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have more than enough to keep up with like everyone. I don’t always get to vacuum up the never ending whirlpool of dog hair swirling around on my wood floors as often as I’d prefer or give the shower a good scrub down, but I’d say most of our items have a specific home and that home is part of a system that works for us. I don’t like wasting time trying to find things or money on having to buy new ones.

What’s a typical session with you like?

Slightly uncomfortable, fun, and challenging. Ultimately it’s extremely rewarding – for both of us. Most people initially feel a little awkward showing their mess to a stranger, but don’t worry, we won’t judge! After the consultation and we figure out what exactly you’re needing help with we devise a plan of action and dig right in. Depending on the kind of project you have (space, business, unpacking, etc) each session is a little different. Usually it’s a clearing out, categorizing, and replacing with order kind of process. I prefer the atmosphere to not be so serious and stuffy during our sessions, so while we work expect me to throw out some dry humor and unusually lame anecdotes. 🙂

What’s your favorite organizing tool?

It’s probably a toss up between containers and labels. I love containers (especially for small items) because they take what could (or used to be) a crazy mess and package it nicely into one specific area. I love labels because once you put a label on something it’s kind of like you’re making a commitment to only put that kind of item in the container/section which I find reaaaaally helps with not ending up with a crazy random junk drawer or area. Once you decide what that area’s purpose is through a label, it’s a lot easier to think “nope, this doesn’t go here, let me put it where it actually belongs”. It’s putting things away where they actually belong that is a major component of not only getting organized, but staying that way.

What’s the best 10 minute organizing tip that could help someone get a little more organized?

Pick a small area that you use EVERY day. It could be your make-up drawer, the bathroom medicine cabinet, your work space, the silverware drawer… anything.

1. Take out as many of the items as you can.
2. Sort them into 3 piles: use often, use sometimes, use rarely/never.
3. Do a quick wipe down of the space using your favorite smelling cleaner.
4. Get rid of or find another home for the items you rarely/never use. Why keep it around if you aren’t realistically ever going to use it? If it’s because of sentimental value, put it with the rest of the sentimental value items or find a creative way to display it.
5. Replace the remaining items in this order: things you use most – up front, and things you use least in the back.

What do you spend your time doing when you aren’t organizing?

When I’m not organizing I spend a lot of time thinking about organizing. No joke!
I’m kind of an improvement junkie and luckily, so is my amazing husband. We end up having a lot of really interesting abstract conversations about why we do the things we do and how to make our lives better and in turn, those around us. When I’m not swimming to shore in a cloud of theories and ideas, you can usually find me at mommy+baby yoga, doing the nap-time hustle at home, or out on a trail breathing fresh air and soaking up the sunshine.

What’s your favorite household appliance?

Hands down, it’s the Vitamix blender.

I used to do a lot of juicing, but got tired of leaving out that amazing fiber. The Vitamix crushes it all up, making a silky smooth drink out of rind and all. I use it mostly to make green juices because I would so much rather chug down a glass of greens than spend 20 minutes chewing them. It makes me feel the way cows look just chillin’ in a field slowly grinding away on that greenage. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Close runner up: the shark vacuum. We have a middle of the line version and it is completely amazing. Dog hair doesn’t stand a freaking chance.

What are three words that best describe your personality?

perceptive, open, and pro-active

And finally… What are a couple of your favorite online resources for organizing? – I absolutely love how Courtney is focusing her life and doing so through her belongings. Her capsule wardrobe course, Project 333, is revolutionary. – Joshua has a bunch of amazing pointers on downsizing, living intentionally, and focusing on priorities over possessions.

And finally, (follow me!) – You can find almost any kind of organizing project on there. So many amazing tutorials and blogs about organizing. The internet is a beautiful thing.

Get to Know Your Organizer: Nicole

Nicole Trammell – Professional Organizer
Lives in Kansas City, Mo
Kansas City Professional Organizer Nicole Trammell OrganizingSolutionsIntl 2

What interests you about professional organizing?

The many facets of it. Does my client need organizing to help them function in life? Enjoy living in their home? Find what’s in their home? Every client is so very unique and has a different definition of what organization is. It’s always interesting to find out, understand and help them achieve it.

How did you get into professional organizing?

I came through years of recognizing that when my home was a mess, I was a mess. I didn’t love being in that place, and it was hard to figure a way out with small children and a job. My circumstances changed, my family moved four times in three years, and I began to focus on my home. I got rid of a lot with every move and then started looking into cheap and easy ways to organize my household and loved it! I helped other mama friends in the same overwhelming situation dig out from under their stuff! Then a long time friend, Shawna, re-entered my life and needed another organizer to join her team. And the rest is history!

What’s the best part about helping clients get more organized?

I like to take a space that was a scary, unapproachable, hot mess for someone and turn it into a breathable, relaxing, purposeful place. I appreciate that people can be vulnerable and ask for help and when they do, I get to be that person that tackles the craziness in their life with them.

What’s the biggest challenge in helping clients get more organized?

Encouraging them to part with their belongings when they are reluctant! I am not a hard core organizer that rips things from the clutches of my clients hands and throws it in the donate box! Ha, ha! It would be MORE organized with less, but they are grown ups, if they want to keep it, I will figure out a way to make it work anyway!

What’s the most common question people ask you about organizing?

They ask me how I got into organizing and well, I already answered that question for you!

What’s a typical session with you like?

I take a tour of it all….the good, the bad, the ugly. The project area is decided upon. Then it’s on like donkey kong! We empty, sort, get rid of, trash and then figure out the best possible scenario to restore order! We laugh, we cry, it’s the BEST! I take a load of stuff to the thrift store. They have a happy space, I have a happy job! It’s kind of like that.

What’s your favorite organizing tool?

My label maker. It gives clarity. Not sure where it goes? Oh look, it says right here! Especially helpful for children and husbands.

What’s the best 10 minute organizing tip that could help someone get a little more organized?

Being a mama I know how easy it is to be overrun with THINGS. So depending on how intense you are feeling either do a 10 minute walk through of your whole house or spend it in a problem room. Remove items that don’t spark joy. If you stick to your time frame you won’t give yourself time to rethink keeping them. Your first reaction, gut instinct to an object is usually spot on. If it’s not beautiful to you or useful then get rid of it! I cannot think of ONE thing that I miss or wish I could have back. Not one. At the end of your gathering, evaluate what you have. Is it broken? Trash it. Could it be of use to another human? Donate it. Thinning down the items you own make it a million times easier to manage what’s left. And for me, I take the donate bag to my vehicle immediately and plan to drop it off as soon as possible. Don’t let those things pile up or sit around.

What do you spend your time doing when you aren’t organizing?

Enjoying all things green ~ my garden, flower beds and inside plants! Green, growing things evoke joy in my heart! I feel like I am not being truthful when I say scrapbooking and painting because I haven’t done either in a while, but they are favorites of mine as well! Cooking is an essential to life with my family and I really love it when I am using veggies from my garden…. and baking is the extra sprinkle of fun!

What’s your favorite household appliance?

Does a vacuum count? I love my vacuum. It makes all things new. It does it’s job well. With two cats, two dogs, three kids, and a husband, we see each other on a regular basis. We have a bond. 🙂

What are three words that best describe your personality?

Reserved, creative, honest

And finally… What are a couple of your favorite online resources for organizing?

Virtual Organizing

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We’ll help you create a customized action plan that will make better and more efficient use of your space! We will provide several ideas about how to improve the flow of your room by how you intend to use it and we’ll also provide inexpensive resources that will help you acquire any organizational materials you might need.

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