Before and After Pics

Check out some of our before and after pictures of organized spaces.

Glitzy Christmas Wonderland

Once Thanksgiving day has come and gone  you know Christmas is truly almost here, but time seems to slip away faster as your gift buying, baking & to do list grows longer.  There’s so much more you want to be busy with than pulling everything out to decorate so you can all bask in the … Continue reading Glitzy Christmas Wonderland

Purging Outdated Technology in a Home Office Closet

These clients are a sweet tech-loving couple. Shawna and I helped to organize their home office once before, but this time the home owners wanted to focus on the spacious home office closet . Closets can become a catch-all for all sorts of items, but with a little time and some help, it can be … Continue reading Purging Outdated Technology in a Home Office Closet

Virtual Organizing

Get Organizing Help with Skype!   Show Us Your Space! Whip out your smart phone and show us your space that needs organizing help! We'll help get your space sorted out, asap. If you don't have Skype, feel free to snap some pics/videos and email/text them to us! However you want to do it, we can help! Take … Continue reading Virtual Organizing

Organizing Your E-Files, Photos & Memories

Organizing E-Files In this digital age, a lot of our files are stored somewhere on our computers, whether on our hard drive or somewhere floating in our endless e-mail abyss! We can help you sort out your files and get your e-libraries cataloged in an organized manner so that you can find all of those … Continue reading Organizing Your E-Files, Photos & Memories

A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 6

Excited to continue working on some tedious sorting, I arrived to find that some unfortunate events had occurred since my last session.  There had been some water leaking in the hallway and so everything from that area had to be moved to the craft room.  Two steps forward, one step back! With organization going into … Continue reading A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 6

A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 5

The day I've been waiting for!   The craft room.  Nitty gritty jewelry sorting! So the jewelry items have been filtered out of the other craft categories and put into a generic jewelry pile!  I have added and added.... and added!   I know it goes to the jewelry category but what exactly is it? Wire?  … Continue reading A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 5