Before and After Pics

Check out some of our before and after pictures of organized spaces.

Glitzy Christmas Wonderland

Once Thanksgiving day has come and gone  you know Christmas is truly almost here, but time seems to slip away faster as your gift buying, baking & to do list grows longer.  There’s so much more you want to be busy with than pulling everything out to decorate so you can all bask in the … Continue reading Glitzy Christmas Wonderland

Catch-All Office Organize

This office organize started out just clearing space and shuffling some furniture around.   My client was extremely busy and had experienced many recent life changes, saying that this room had become a catch-all for a lot of different things!  After we moved a book case, I was able to put a box of books onto … Continue reading Catch-All Office Organize

Austin Laundry Room Storage Makeover

Even in the most organized homes, laundry rooms, mud rooms, there is usually that chaotic catch-all room where clothes, your kid's crap, overflow kitchen pantry items, and just lots of random "do it later" kind of stuff gets dumped. Laundry and mud rooms, entry ways, kitchen counters, etc. are all kiiiind of like temporary holding … Continue reading Austin Laundry Room Storage Makeover

Confessions of a Professional Organizer

CONFESSIONS OF A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER (a series of unfortunate events... in my kitchen) I've had clients say to me "I bet your house is soooo organized!" For the most part it's amazing, but to be honest, I come home from a busy day tired, just like a lot of people.  Dinner doesn't make itself at … Continue reading Confessions of a Professional Organizer