Organizing a Playroom

  Like all playrooms with busy, growing kids, eventually they need a re-working. This toy room was home to a busy pre-teen who was making the switch from younger aged toys and stuffed animals, to more social and age-relevant toys. Pre-teen, mom, and I started organizing this room by clearing all of the shelves and … Continue reading Organizing a Playroom

Spring Cleaning! Donate, donate, donate!

Mmmmm..... spring! It's allllllmost here! I can smell that fresh air and almost taste the fresh, green grass! It's that time again to open up those closets, pull out all of that crap you've been collecting over the winter, give those shelves a good wipe down and put back all those "I'll actually use" items! … Continue reading Spring Cleaning! Donate, donate, donate!

Austin Laundry Room Storage Makeover

Even in the most organized homes, laundry rooms, mud rooms, there is usually that chaotic catch-all room where clothes, your kid's crap, overflow kitchen pantry items, and just lots of random "do it later" kind of stuff gets dumped. Laundry and mud rooms, entry ways, kitchen counters, etc. are all kiiiind of like temporary holding … Continue reading Austin Laundry Room Storage Makeover