Stuffed Linen Closets

We've all been there in terms of linen closets: Quick... open the door just enough to shove the sheet set in there. Quick... close the door just in time to prevent a massive linen avalanche! Step One: Pull EVERYTHING out of the closet. Yes, everything. And then give those shelves a good wipe down with … Continue reading Stuffed Linen Closets

Spring Cleaning! Donate, donate, donate!

Mmmmm..... spring! It's allllllmost here! I can smell that fresh air and almost taste the fresh, green grass! It's that time again to open up those closets, pull out all of that crap you've been collecting over the winter, give those shelves a good wipe down and put back all those "I'll actually use" items! … Continue reading Spring Cleaning! Donate, donate, donate!