Glitzy Christmas Wonderland

Once Thanksgiving day has come and gone  you know Christmas is truly almost here, but time seems to slip away faster as your gift buying, baking & to do list grows longer.  There’s so much more you want to be busy with than pulling everything out to decorate so you can all bask in the … Continue reading Glitzy Christmas Wonderland

Unpacking and Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

For this kitchen unpack and organize the client had recently moved and was not sure about where in her kitchen to place certain items.   Their family loved to cook and had lots of spices.  We started by clearing a cabinet and gathering the spices from the various places they had ended up in the unpacking … Continue reading Unpacking and Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

A day of un-packing.

It can be a daunting task when you are looking at stacks of boxes by yourself! Enter... Organizing Solutions KC!  🙂 We started in the kitchen because who can function when you can't find a fork to grab a bite to eat!? We faced numerous challenges: the new kitchen was smaller, had narrow cupboards, no … Continue reading A day of un-packing.