Workshop: Organizing Simplified: Maximize your Time and Space

Start spring off with a fresh, new, and organized space!

Backed up with laundry and to-dos? Can’t keep half the household and kids’ items straight?
Come learn some techniques to help your household flow!

Join us on Saturday afternoon, April 16th at 1pm for a workshop in home organizing!

We’ll learn some simple tricks for

  • Routine and Scheduling

  • Laundry Systems

  • Storage Solutions

Snap a few pictures of some spaces in your home that you wish were better laid out or utilized. Come ready to ask questions and to learn from other workshop goers. Bring a notebook and pen for note taking!

Q &A with Professional Organizer Shawna Childers of Organizing Solutions KC!

One lucky workshop attendee will win a FREE in-home consultation! 

Pre-register online at hOMe holistic family center to reserve your spot. Space is limited!

Donation based/pay what you can (suggested donation of $35).


Shawna Childers is the founder of Organizing Solutions KC, a Kansas City based company that specializes in professional organizing and organic household cleaning and body products.

She has over a decade of experience working with Kansas City area families. She’s helped them create more space in their lives for things that bring them joy by implementing schedules and action plans, organizing their spaces, and cleaning their homes without toxic chemicals.

She is passionate about helping people live richer, fuller lives by working with clients to examine their homes and routines for opportunities to improve efficiency and flow. She is fascinated by the relationship that people have to their possessions and has spent the later part of her life working to help them manage their items, spaces, and ideas.

She is an avid nature lover and very interested in learning how we connect with and affect our surroundings, whether it’s our home or world, both big picture and microbial. Since it’s a priority for her to limit the amount of chemicals in her household and exposure to her family, she makes her own organic cleaning products and body products.

She thrives on learning from people who want to share their life experiences, teaching others through her own, and making genuine, lasting connections in her community.


Before and After Pics


Busy Professional Man's Closet - Before and After

  Organizing and Containing Bathroom Items - Organized and Contained Bathroom Items Before and After  organized closet before and after From Closet Chaos to Closet Tidy - Organized Closet and Room Before and After


Photographers Home Office - Before and After 1 Photographers Home Office - Before and After 2 Photographers Home Office - Before and After 3 Photographers Home Office - Before and After 4 Catch All Home Office - Before and After 1 Catch All Home Office - Before and After Dumping Ground Home Office - Before and After


Un-Packing a Catch-All Garage - organized garage before and after left side Dads Tool Bench Organized - Before and After Cluttered Garage - Before and After

craft rooms

 A Sewing Room - Before and After A Craft Room Rediscovered - De-Cluttered Craft Room Before and After A Craft Room Rediscovered - before and after of an organized sewing counter

Basements and Storage

Organized Basement Storage - Before and AfterOrganizing a Storage Closet - Before and After Organized Storage Closet

play rooms

Organizing a Toy Room - Before and After Organized Toy Room Organized Play Room - Before and After

laundry and linen

 Creating Laundry Room Storage - Before and After Stuffed Linen Closet - Organized Linen Closet Before and After

unpacking into organization

Unpacking a Kitchen 1 Unpacking a Kitchen

Glitzy Christmas Wonderland

Once Thanksgiving day has come and gone  you know Christmas is truly almost here, but time seems to slip away faster as your gift buying, baking & to do list grows longer.  There’s so much more you want to be busy with than pulling everything out to decorate so you can all bask in the glitzy Christmas wonderland.  My client was ecstatic to have her whole family together on her favorite holiday for the first time in over 5 years! So, I quickly channeled my inner Elf and to work I went on creating a cozy space for all of them to enjoy.

Glitzy Christmas Wonderland- Front Door

An inviting front porch sets the tone for the Christmas wonderland your guests will step foot in!Glitzy Christmas Wonderland- Front Porch

Collecting holiday decorations over the years through travels, fun finds and family heirlooms can be both heartwarming and overwhelming. It was fun choosing the items with my client that held  the most meaning and importance to her so that we could truly display all the sweet memories & stories they hold.

Glitzy Christmas Wonderland- Piano MemoirsGlitzy Christmas Wonderland- Family History

The history that oozed from this one area was unbelievable! I loved the rare antique Christmas decor that was handed down from my client’s mother alongside some of her re purposed vintage perfume bottle holders that now held candles. I can just imagine this room being filled with the sounds of the childrens giggles as they wind up the musical boxes that are amidst their ancestors photos. Glitzy Christmas Wonderland- Classic Memories

I  brought together items my client already had to create centerpieces that were both festive & glitzy! Glitzy Christmas Wonderland- Centerpiece

This tree may be one of my favorites I have ever laid my eyes on! It’s woodsy chic charm quickly served as the inspiration of our glitzy Christmas wonderland  we were creating.Glitzy Christmas Wonderland- Christmas TreeGlitzy Christmas Wonderland- Unique Christmas Ornaments

Santa collections, nutcrackers & gorgeous Nativity sets filled the space to bring that holiday charm!Glitzy Christmas Wonderland- International Nativity

Many of the decorations came from my clients international travels in Saudi Arabia, Latin America and her time living in Columbia!Glitzy Christmas Wonderland- International TrinketsGlitzy Christmas Wonderland- Christmas Corner Glitzy Christmas Wonderland- Nutcracker Crew Glitzy Christmas Wonderland- Touch of Spirit

I’m in love with this centerpiece that came together perfectly when my client and I put our heads together! Glitzy Christmas Wonderland- Outdoor CenterpieceGlitzy Christmas Wonderland - Lanterns and Greenery

The antlers, greenery and pops of red poinsettias really brought this outdoor space together.Glitzy Christmas Wonderland- Antlers & Greenery

Now wouldn’t you just love to enjoy a cup of coffee here after a nice meal with your family?! My client was a pleasure to work as a team with and by the end of our time together she truly felt like family! Excited for the memories she and her family will be creating in this glitzy Christmas wonderland I had the pleasure of sprucing up.Glitzy Christmas Wonderland


Project by Soraya in Austin, Tx

Virtual Organizing

Get Organizing Help with Skype!


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Whip out your smart phone and show us your space that needs organizing help! We’ll help get your space sorted out, asap.

If you don’t have Skype, feel free to snap some pics/videos and email/text them to us!
However you want to do it, we can help!

Take us through your space, showing us your problem areas and then explain what you would like to see happen with them! We can work together to come up with a space that saves you more time and energy.

We’ll help you create a customized action plan that will make better and more efficient use of your space! We will provide several ideas about how to improve the flow of your room by how you intend to use it and we’ll also provide inexpensive resources that will help you acquire any organizational materials you might need.

Choose your virtual session package in our store!

Organizing Your E-Files, Photos & Memories

Organizing E-Files

In this digital age, a lot of our files are stored somewhere on our computers, whether on our hard drive or somewhere floating in our endless e-mail abyss!

We can help you sort out your files and get your e-libraries cataloged in an organized manner so that you can find all of those important tax documents, your favorite music, and those priceless home videos you uploaded from your phone but can’t seem to find!

We can help you e-organize:

  • MEDIA:
    Music, Movies, Photos, Videos, E-Books

    Personal Finance Records and Receipts
    Tax Receipts, Paperwork, and Info
    Workman Estimates and Invoices

  • HOBBIES: Project Files, How-To and Informational Files

    Homework Files
    Research Files
    Note Files
    Collaborative Files
    Term Paper Files

Organizing Photos & Memories


Do you have boxes (or e-folders) of photos and memory items that you’d love to have put into an album or scrapbook but can’t seem to find the time to do it?

Do you need that really cool collector’s item framed or put into a glass case?

Let us help!

We can get a rough outline of your vision, theme, color preferences and get to work putting your photos and memories together into a custom scrapbook, photo album, or memorabilia box!

Organizing Paperwork in a Home Office

One of the toughest areas to keep organized is: PAPERWORK.

There is constantly a steady stream of incoming mail, bills, business cards, greeting cards, flyers and who knows what else types of paper seeping in to our lives on a daily basis. If we don’t dedicate time to opening it, sorting it, and putting it away, it can build up FAST.

This home office was over run with paperwork, mail, and magazines.
Organizing Paperwork in a Home Office - home office filled with papers

This couple had a great system of incoming bills and a calendar of when each bill was due, knowing to pay it by that date. The problem they ran into, was then filing each paper document after it was paid.
Most of them were placed into the “to file” tray, which, after a while started overflowing to the desk… and eventually to the floor.
Organizing Paperwork in a Home Office - desk full of paper clutter

The first step was to shred as much of it as we could.
There were a ton of “non-bill” statements that they’d get, detailing their accounts, but was the same kind of information they could easily look up online if they needed it. I’d say we cut the paperwork stack nearly in half, just by getting rid of those non-important documents.

If it’s not a bill, tax document, or declaration of your policy…  99% of the time, you don’t need to hang on to it.

We then sorted the remaining paperwork into stacks that we’d be filing: receipts, tax documents, bills/statements by company, and keepsakes – just to name a few.
Organizing Paperwork in a Home Office - sorting paper into piles to file

After sorting the paperwork, we needed to clear out and re-organize the filing cabinet. A lot of the files were old companies and accounts that were no longer used. Off to the shredding machine!
We then took out all the old folders, changed the tabs to meet our corresponding paper piles.
Organizing Paperwork in a Home Office - organizing file folders

We put all the files back in the cabinet according to how often they’d be accessed. The tax documents and rarely accessed insurance policies were in the bottom drawer and the frequently filed bills/statement accounts were in the top drawer.

With a little time left over, we dusted the office, wiped down the desk and shelving, cleaned out the small office supplies drawers and developed a system for incoming mail to be opened and sorted weekly.

Another great system that this client implemented was setting up a personal home/family email address that both he and his wife could access where all home and purchasing accounts directed their e-correspondence.
They are also considering signing up for automatic billing for all of their payments that would come out of a bills-only checking/savings account where they know just how much to put in each pay period and the bills can take care of themselves, saving them all that time they’d sit down at the desk, write out checks and bother with filing the statements.

Making any paperwork automated by doing online correspondence not only saves you time, but it cuts down on hard resources being used to produce them.
Less stress, more trees!

Check out the amazing before and afters with getting the paperwork off the desk, organized, and into the shredder and filing cabinets!
Organizing Paperwork in a Home Office - organized and de-cluttered home office Organizing Paperwork in a Home Office - organized and de-cluttered desk before and after

Organizing an Austin Kitchen

Every space, after a while, get’s unorganized due to misc. items placed in random spots. This kitchen is one of those examples. Busy families seldom get the time to take a 4 hour break to re-organize their kitchen.

Enter: professional organizers.

This client had a pretty good idea where she wanted her kitchen items. She stuck sticky notes on the outside of the cabinets so that we could stick closely to their current main areas for things.
The non-kitchen stuff was moved to the pantry and to dining room storage, while the remainder was straightened up, and re-homed.

Organizing an Austin Kitchen - Cluttered Counters With Mis-matched Cabinet Items

The pantry, after a while, had gotten pretty mixed up. The pantry items were sorted according to what type of food they were and the clutter on the floor was cleared out. All of the shopping bags were stored together.

Organizing an Austin Kitchen  - Organized Pantry Shelves Before and AfterOrganizing an Austin Kitchen - Organized Pantry Floor Before and After

Every cabinet was re-worked according to what type of kitchen item it held. Appliances were stored with appliances, and baking containers were nested together with other baking items.

Organizing an Austin Kitchen - Organized Floor Cabinets Beforea and After

End result: clean, clutter-free counters and every kitchen item in it’s specific home!

Organizing an Austin Kitchen - Clean and Clutter Free Counters