Aspiring Minimalists: How-to Simplify + Save

Join us at this free presentation to learn how to put your minimalist goals into prioritized, actionable plans that help you reduce, reuse, and save resources. We will talk about creating good habits to live intentionally, removing clutter, conscious purchasing, and easy ways to cut waste and excess. We will be meeting in the Logan … Continue reading Aspiring Minimalists: How-to Simplify + Save

Before and After Pics

Check out some of our before and after pictures of organized spaces.

Virtual Organizing

Get Organizing Help with Skype!   Show Us Your Space! Whip out your smart phone and show us your space that needs organizing help! We'll help get your space sorted out, asap. If you don't have Skype, feel free to snap some pics/videos and email/text them to us! However you want to do it, we can help! Take … Continue reading Virtual Organizing

Stuffed Linen Closets

We've all been there in terms of linen closets: Quick... open the door just enough to shove the sheet set in there. Quick... close the door just in time to prevent a massive linen avalanche! Step One: Pull EVERYTHING out of the closet. Yes, everything. And then give those shelves a good wipe down with … Continue reading Stuffed Linen Closets

Organizing a Playroom

  Like all playrooms with busy, growing kids, eventually they need a re-working. This toy room was home to a busy pre-teen who was making the switch from younger aged toys and stuffed animals, to more social and age-relevant toys. Pre-teen, mom, and I started organizing this room by clearing all of the shelves and … Continue reading Organizing a Playroom

Organizing a Storage Closet

This busy family of 6 needed a better system for their storage. Namely, all those cute keepsakes and kids’ artwork that they’d need to occasionally get to for school projects and ‘show and teach.’ This mom wanted a system that was easily accessible for her kids to put away their own artwork and get it … Continue reading Organizing a Storage Closet

More toys do not equal more fun.

This holiday season consider filling your time together with more activities instead of more things. The whole holiday experience does not have to revolve around opening gifts and receiving more toys to clutter your children’s lives. Try making breakfast together Christmas morning or spending the morning making gifts for others. Watch a Christmas movie together … Continue reading More toys do not equal more fun.