How-To Create a Laundry System

Almost every client that I visit (and household, ever) has a hard time keeping up with the laundry. I would say that a good 90% of the jobs I do are centered around laundry, clothing, and clothing storage. No matter how many times you majorly bust butt to get it all caught up, reach that … Continue reading How-To Create a Laundry System

Little Boys and Their Toys

Little boys.  It was all about 'em today as we peeked into some brothers' closets.  The first little guy was a big fan of cars, trucks and tractors!  We started by clearing the stuffed animals out that were not played with anymore.  Having those two shelves open gave us lots of room to play with.  … Continue reading Little Boys and Their Toys

Organizing a Storage Closet

This busy family of 6 needed a better system for their storage. Namely, all those cute keepsakes and kids’ artwork that they’d need to occasionally get to for school projects and ‘show and teach.’ This mom wanted a system that was easily accessible for her kids to put away their own artwork and get it … Continue reading Organizing a Storage Closet

Austin Laundry Room Storage Makeover

Even in the most organized homes, laundry rooms, mud rooms, there is usually that chaotic catch-all room where clothes, your kid's crap, overflow kitchen pantry items, and just lots of random "do it later" kind of stuff gets dumped. Laundry and mud rooms, entry ways, kitchen counters, etc. are all kiiiind of like temporary holding … Continue reading Austin Laundry Room Storage Makeover