Congested Closet Turned Creative Corner

Are you a gift giver?  Do you spend extra money on wrapping paper or gift bags not because you don't have it but because the thought of finding it is too exhausting to even think about?  I've been there, I know.   And I hope I'm not speaking out of turn to say that it's possible … Continue reading Congested Closet Turned Creative Corner

A Music Room To Make Your Heart Sing

Do you have a place in your home where you refresh?  That makes you feel alive when you spend time there?  A  space that you spend your time doing what you love?   Well what if that room was overwhelming?  What if it was doing the exact opposite of what you intended because it was over-run … Continue reading A Music Room To Make Your Heart Sing

Virtual Organizing

Get Organizing Help with Skype!   Show Us Your Space! Whip out your smart phone and show us your space that needs organizing help! We'll help get your space sorted out, asap. If you don't have Skype, feel free to snap some pics/videos and email/text them to us! However you want to do it, we can help! Take … Continue reading Virtual Organizing

Organizing Your E-Files, Photos & Memories

Organizing E-Files In this digital age, a lot of our files are stored somewhere on our computers, whether on our hard drive or somewhere floating in our endless e-mail abyss! We can help you sort out your files and get your e-libraries cataloged in an organized manner so that you can find all of those … Continue reading Organizing Your E-Files, Photos & Memories

From Closet Chaos to Closet Tidy!

Whether you have lived in your home for a month or years you can always find things that you can PURGE! The best way to tackle an overflowing closet is just to start pulling things out, any and everything that is just thrown in there. When doing this start making piles that you will be able to tackle easily. Perhaps start with … Continue reading From Closet Chaos to Closet Tidy!

Straightening Up Office Storage

Like most closets, after a while, without fail... things get shoved in last minute just to be out of the way, and items have a tendency to get jumbled up. This office storage closet was no exception. It started off organized in containers and most like-items were with their counter parts but after a while, … Continue reading Straightening Up Office Storage