What to Pack for a Hospital or Birth Center Delivery

Even though we are planning on a home birth (more about organizing and preparing for that in the next blog), I am still going to pack a suitcase in the event that we need to transfer to the hospital. When I initially thought about it, I thought that I'd probably just throw a few things in … Continue reading What to Pack for a Hospital or Birth Center Delivery


Organizing for Baby

First of all: Congratulations! Yay, we loooooove babies! Second: Holy crap, are you ready?! So many things to do and plan before the new baby arrives! Below are just a few of the things we can help you get organized and execute before your mini-me arrives! Food! You're probably not going to have much time … Continue reading Organizing for Baby

Little Boys and Their Toys

Little boys.  It was all about 'em today as we peeked into some brothers' closets.  The first little guy was a big fan of cars, trucks and tractors!  We started by clearing the stuffed animals out that were not played with anymore.  Having those two shelves open gave us lots of room to play with.  … Continue reading Little Boys and Their Toys