Meal Planning

Meal Planning is a simple way to plan ahead each week, saving time and energy. Meal plan one day of the week. Grocery shop the next. Prep food the next day if need be. Don't feel like you have to do it all in one day. Meal Planning Plan out the week's events, appointments, and … Continue reading Meal Planning

Organizing Simplified Workshop

Learn how to help your household flow smoother by implementing better routines, planning meals, and using a more efficient laundry system. We will talk about how to implement daily and weekly routines, getting the rest of the family on board, and customizing them to fit your household. We will plan one entire month of dinners … Continue reading Organizing Simplified Workshop

Podcast Interview: Mindful Mama Movement

Last week I was interviewed on the Mindful Mama Movement Podcast! So fun talking about allllll my favorite things. I talked to Shannon and Ashley about all things organizing: clutter, laundry systems, meal planning, and letting go. We talked about efficient ways to manage these household duties as well as how it feels being a … Continue reading Podcast Interview: Mindful Mama Movement

Workshop: Organizing Simplified: Maximize your Time and Space

Start spring off with a fresh, new, and organized space! Backed up with laundry and to-dos? Can't keep half the household and kids' items straight? Come learn some techniques to help your household flow! Join us on Saturday afternoon, April 16th at 1pm for a workshop in home organizing! We'll learn┬ásome simple tricks for Routine … Continue reading Workshop: Organizing Simplified: Maximize your Time and Space