Solving The Walk-In Pantry Puzzle

I was excited to start my day with a pantry organize!  I knew this walk-in pantry was going to be a big job and my client got a jump on the work of clearing a lot of the pantry before I got there.   So when I arrived I knew we'd better get busy!   My client … Continue reading Solving The Walk-In Pantry Puzzle

That Awkward Closet

Are you lost when it comes to that tiny office closet and you just can't seem to figure out how to organize it?  Look no further! Here are a few ways to get in there and get it organized. My client needed some direction in where to even begin with her small yet long office … Continue reading That Awkward Closet

Bachelor Pad Clutter

I don’t recommend trying to get organized all in one shot. It’s overwhelming. Instead, start with one or two important areas, and work your way down. We began by organizing the all important desktop/bookshelf that was in need of some attention. By removing everything and sorting through each piece of paper and the office supplies we were able to … Continue reading Bachelor Pad Clutter

A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 6

Excited to continue working on some tedious sorting, I arrived to find that some unfortunate events had occurred since my last session.  There had been some water leaking in the hallway and so everything from that area had to be moved to the craft room.  Two steps forward, one step back! With organization going into … Continue reading A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 6

Tidy Up That Garage Space!

Garages!  This client was ready to get hers tidied up!  And she was glad she could call in some help!  She had already started identifying like items and gathering them in totes on the shelves outside her entry door. We clarified what she wanted on each shelf and also took into consideration the priority of the … Continue reading Tidy Up That Garage Space!

A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 5

The day I've been waiting for!   The craft room.  Nitty gritty jewelry sorting! So the jewelry items have been filtered out of the other craft categories and put into a generic jewelry pile!  I have added and added.... and added!   I know it goes to the jewelry category but what exactly is it? Wire?  … Continue reading A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 5

Organizing to sell your home!

This is a great time of year to sell your home. Your open house is right around the corner and you’re tempted to toss all of your belongings into moving boxes. Pretty simple right? Organizing to sell your home is an opportunity to create a new chapter in your life and moving is the perfect time to … Continue reading Organizing to sell your home!