A Grandchildren's Play Closet

This is our client's guest bedroom closet, used by her grandchildren. When they come to visit, this walk-in closet functions as a play closet and arts & crafts space.  This clever arrangement works pretty well, except that the toys get all jumbled together when the kids play. She is tired of having to do all of the picking up, so … Continue reading A Grandchildren's Play Closet

Organizing a Playroom

  Like all playrooms with busy, growing kids, eventually they need a re-working. This toy room was home to a busy pre-teen who was making the switch from younger aged toys and stuffed animals, to more social and age-relevant toys. Pre-teen, mom, and I started organizing this room by clearing all of the shelves and … Continue reading Organizing a Playroom

Confessions of a Professional Organizer

CONFESSIONS OF A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER (a series of unfortunate events... in my kitchen) I've had clients say to me "I bet your house is soooo organized!" For the most part it's amazing, but to be honest, I come home from a busy day tired, just like a lot of people.  Dinner doesn't make itself at … Continue reading Confessions of a Professional Organizer

Kid's Room Organization

It’s inevitable: where there are kids, there are toys (and a MESS!). My four-year-old loves to play, but never seems to enjoy picking it up. Making a mess is so much more fun! After looking at the overflowing bins of stuffed animals and books scattered across my daughter’s bedroom floor, I knew I had to … Continue reading Kid's Room Organization

More toys do not equal more fun.

This holiday season consider filling your time together with more activities instead of more things. The whole holiday experience does not have to revolve around opening gifts and receiving more toys to clutter your children’s lives. Try making breakfast together Christmas morning or spending the morning making gifts for others. Watch a Christmas movie together … Continue reading More toys do not equal more fun.