Tupperware and Troubled Corners

I absolutely love our clients! They really are the best! When I arrived this client had already pretty much emptied the cabinets of all her tupperware! So we got started right away matching lids with containers. That's what you spend most of your time doing in a tupperware cabinet, right, finding the lid? This step … Continue reading Tupperware and Troubled Corners

Organizing Paperwork in a Home Office

One of the toughest areas to keep organized is: PAPERWORK. There is constantly a steady stream of incoming mail, bills, business cards, greeting cards, flyers and who knows what else types of paper seeping in to our lives on a daily basis. If we don't dedicate time to opening it, sorting it, and putting it … Continue reading Organizing Paperwork in a Home Office

Straightening Up Office Storage

Like most closets, after a while, without fail... things get shoved in last minute just to be out of the way, and items have a tendency to get jumbled up. This office storage closet was no exception. It started off organized in containers and most like-items were with their counter parts but after a while, … Continue reading Straightening Up Office Storage

Catch-All Office Organize

This office organize started out just clearing space and shuffling some furniture around.   My client was extremely busy and had experienced many recent life changes, saying that this room had become a catch-all for a lot of different things!  After we moved a book case, I was able to put a box of books onto … Continue reading Catch-All Office Organize