Dusting Off: The Home Office

So many of us have those spaces in our home that we intend to use for one purpose but, after time, end up being used for something else. Many times it's short term storage, which after a while, has a tendency to nudge you down that slippery slope into catch-all storage. This homeowner's front home office was due for … Continue reading Dusting Off: The Home Office

That Awkward Closet

Are you lost when it comes to that tiny office closet and you just can't seem to figure out how to organize it?  Look no further! Here are a few ways to get in there and get it organized. My client needed some direction in where to even begin with her small yet long office … Continue reading That Awkward Closet

Organizing and Containing Bathroom Items

We all have those few bottles of bathroom products that we used until they were almost empty, and instead of either finishing them up or throwing them away, we stuck them somewhere... Well, this client had a couple of those mingled with items from both of her parent's houses that they gave to her after she … Continue reading Organizing and Containing Bathroom Items

From Closet Chaos to Closet Tidy!

Whether you have lived in your home for a month or years you can always find things that you can PURGE! The best way to tackle an overflowing closet is just to start pulling things out, any and everything that is just thrown in there. When doing this start making piles that you will be able to tackle easily. Perhaps start with … Continue reading From Closet Chaos to Closet Tidy!

A Craft Room Rediscovered – Part 4

Some projects are big.  They may have to be done in phases.  But I love the process.  Bit by bit.  Little by little. We chip away on them.  We see change here and then there.   I have been so fortunate to have yet another great client!  She has allowed me to get done what I … Continue reading A Craft Room Rediscovered – Part 4

A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 3

Session 3 in a busy little craft room.   Today I had another surface that needed clearing. Okay, not JUST a surface but it was the major priority!  Can you see it?  Let's do this thing!  There was lots of sorting that went on and a LOT of items that just went straight into the trash!  … Continue reading A Craft Room Rediscovered Part 3

Tupperware and Troubled Corners

I absolutely love our clients! They really are the best! When I arrived this client had already pretty much emptied the cabinets of all her tupperware! So we got started right away matching lids with containers. That's what you spend most of your time doing in a tupperware cabinet, right, finding the lid? This step … Continue reading Tupperware and Troubled Corners