Organizing Simplified Workshop

Learn how to help your household flow smoother by implementing better routines, planning meals, and using a more efficient laundry system.

We will talk about how to implement daily and weekly routines, getting the rest of the family on board, and customizing them to fit your household.

We will plan one entire month of dinners by using a simple template you can change up and reuse each month, making grocery shopping and budgeting so much easier.

We’ll talk about ways to improve our current laundry systems, minimizing the amount of dirty clothes, and getting all family members engaged and responsible for their own items.

$40 per person. Must register here:

6-8pm Tuesday, August 1st
@Matt Ross Community Center – Cottonwood Room on Main Floor

Refreshments provided.


Workshop: Organizing Simplified: Maximize your Time and Space

Start spring off with a fresh, new, and organized space!

Backed up with laundry and to-dos? Can’t keep half the household and kids’ items straight?
Come learn some techniques to help your household flow!

Join us on Saturday afternoon, April 16th at 1pm for a workshop in home organizing!

We’ll learn some simple tricks for

  • Routine and Scheduling

  • Laundry Systems

  • Storage Solutions

Snap a few pictures of some spaces in your home that you wish were better laid out or utilized. Come ready to ask questions and to learn from other workshop goers. Bring a notebook and pen for note taking!

Q &A with Professional Organizer Shawna Childers of Organizing Solutions KC!

One lucky workshop attendee will win a FREE in-home consultation! 

Pre-register online at hOMe holistic family center to reserve your spot. Space is limited!

Donation based/pay what you can (suggested donation of $35).


Shawna Childers is the founder of Organizing Solutions KC, a Kansas City based company that specializes in professional organizing and organic household cleaning and body products.

She has over a decade of experience working with Kansas City area families. She’s helped them create more space in their lives for things that bring them joy by implementing schedules and action plans, organizing their spaces, and cleaning their homes without toxic chemicals.

She is passionate about helping people live richer, fuller lives by working with clients to examine their homes and routines for opportunities to improve efficiency and flow. She is fascinated by the relationship that people have to their possessions and has spent the later part of her life working to help them manage their items, spaces, and ideas.

She is an avid nature lover and very interested in learning how we connect with and affect our surroundings, whether it’s our home or world, both big picture and microbial. Since it’s a priority for her to limit the amount of chemicals in her household and exposure to her family, she makes her own organic cleaning products and body products.

She thrives on learning from people who want to share their life experiences, teaching others through her own, and making genuine, lasting connections in her community.

Organic Cleaning Workshop

Saturday, March 12th at 1pm

hOMe family holistic center
7927 Floyd St, Overland Park, KS 66204

IMG_0066Start your spring cleaning off right! Kick those toxic cleaners to the curb and clean your home with safe and natural cleaners!

Most of those “green” products found in stores are packed with dyes, fragrances, and carcinogens that are harmful to our bodies and the environment.

At this workshop, learn how to clean your house top to bottom by using just a few common natural ingredients.

Join us to create your own organic cleaning kit with everything you’ll need to clean your entire home safely and naturally. As we compile the cleaning kit, we will talk about each ingredient and some of it’s best cleaning uses. You’ll create a cute caddy of organic cleaning products to use at home, customized by you from a variety of essential oils.

Space is limited to 6 people. Register online here.

organic cleaning workshop flyer march


Organizing your Booth for a Craft Fair

Do you create handmade goodies or artwork?
Are you thinking of setting up a booth at a local craft show or maker’s market to showcase your righteous creations?

We just finished a successful craft fair selling our soap! products at the bi-annual Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair here in Kansas City.

After having a couple other vendors asking questions about organizing their booths, checklists, and sales so it got me thinking about putting together a list of things to keep in mind while going through the whole process to keep your booth organized and functional, to help you sell a lot of items, and to stay on top of your marketing game.

And here is what I came up with:

1. Choosing a Craft Fair/Show/Market to Participate In

Choose an event that you know will have traffic.
Feel free to contact the organizer with these questions: 
How many years has this event been going on? How many attendees do they usually have? What type of people usually frequent this event (moms, grandmas, dads, golfers, artists, etc.)? How many vendors will be at this event?

Find an event with a fee that is reasonable for your situation.
Remember, you will need to at LEAST be able to make the amount of the vendor free back from the sales of your items. If you’re just starting your business and you’re wanting to join a large professional expo event where the vendor fees are higher than a typical month of sales, it might be a better idea to look for a smaller event.

Choose a well-organized fair that seems established and requires forms for vendor submissions. 
Look for an event that has dedicated organizers who are on top of things like marketing and promoting the event and getting back to you quickly with any questions you might have. Feel free to contact them with any of the traffic, logistic, and demographic related questions.

2. Vendor Paperwork

Complete and submit the vendor application.
Read the directions thoroughly and follow them exactly.

Submit your vendor fee.
Try to get this in ASAP. Of times events fill up pretty fast with prospective vendor applications. The sooner you get your payment in, the more likely you are to be chosen to participate in the event.

Confirm your participation with the event organizer. 
If you haven’t heard back from them in one week (or by specified date), contact the event organizer to confirm.

3. Selling your Items

Know what products you are going to sell. 
Make what you create the best. How many other vendors will be selling similar items? What makes yours stand out from the rest? Look at the vendor list for the event and scope out the competition by going to their website and social media pages to do a little recon. If there is no vendor list, browse sites like for similar items. How are their prices compared to yours? Does the time invested in creating your products match up with the amount buyers would be willing to pay for it?

Have CLEARLY labeled products.
Make sure your labels are simple and easy to read so that people just glancing at your booth as they walk by can get a clear idea about what it is that you are selling. If applicable, make sure all ingredients are listed on your products.A simple, clearly labeled Dry Shampoo that lists ingredients and website.

Make sure prices are easily visible.
People do not like asking for prices on items. If prices aren’t clearly visible, they may just continue on to the next vendor.
Organizing your Booth for a Craft Fair - Price Sheet

Display portfolio of other items not present at the fair.
For people who do a lot of custom items or services, having a portfolio of images of previous products or custom orders for other customers is a great way to show people the bigger scope of what kind of products and services you offer.

{We brought a portfolio of our Professional Organizing Before and After Photos to show customers more of the organizing side of our business in addition to our soap! products.}
Organizing your Booth for a Craft Fair - Portfolio

4. Craft Fair Booth Decor

What is the decor theme of your booth? 
What kind of feel do you want customers to get when they walk up? What are some thematic elements you can incorporate into the decor/design?

{Since we sell all-natural products, our theme is more of a natural/woodland theme. We tried incorporating that with twine leaves, babies breath flowers, and various woodland decor.}
Organizing your Booth for a Craft Fair - Woodland Decor 2 Organizing your Booth for a Craft Fair - Woodland Decor

What is the booth size? How many tables will you need? What kind of layout?
Will you use rugs? Will you need extra lighting?

{We played with a couple different table layouts before we settled on one with our booth partner Victoria at Melting Pot Love. Since we were on a corner, we settled on keeping both tables toward the outer edges, giving us enough chair/walking room on the interior of the tent.}

What kind of tablecloths will you use? Table decorations that match your theme? Table banner?

Item Displays: 
Get creative with your displays. Make sure you utilize height and dimension. Flat tables are boring. Will you need shelving, stands, trays, hooks?

{My husband, Kelly, built us this awesome 3 tier cupcake stand out of wood pieces to display our Vanilla Sugar Scrub and Dry Shampoos on.}
Organizing your Booth for a Craft Fair - Height and Dimension

Let customers know who/what you are right away. Will you use a banner, business sign with your slogan/tagline, price signs, social media signs?

{We put our banner right on the front of our table so that everyone who walked by could tell what our booth was selling without having to come right up to the table.}
Organizing your Booth for a Craft Fair - Front Banner

5. Point of Sale

Have a cash box or bag.
Depending on the prices of your items, keep enough small bills cash that you’d be able to make change without having to leave your booth.

{With our prices between $6 and $12, we started with $60 in change in 5’s (7) and 1’s (25). I had to make a trip on the second morning to get more $1 bills.}

You NEED an electronic payment device.
These days, a majority of people pay with their cards. There are several different card readers: Square, Paypal Here, Amazon, etc.

{There were several people who stopped by our booth who said they only had cards, sales we would have otherwise missed if we hadn’t used our Square Reader. Over half of our customers used their cards.}

Throw in a Thank You card with a coupon for buying additional products/services.
Reward the customers who have supported your business with their purchase. Make it easy for them to come back and buy more of your awesome products.

{We included a coupon for $50 off of our Professional Organizing Consultation that they could use or give to a friend.}

6. Marketing and Customer Contact

Display product information cards. 
If you have several products with different ingredients, it’s a good idea to have some printed material for people to pick up, read, and get more information about your products. Rack cards are a great resource for people who also might want to give the info to friends and family who may be interested in your products.

{We had rack cards for all of our soap! products, listing the prices and ingredients. Several people opted to pick these up and read them instead of trying to lean over at a crowded table and read the displayed price sheet.}
Organizing your Booth for a Craft Fair - Rack Cards

Have brochures and business cards available. 
If you do custom products not displayed at the booth or if you have additional services that you offer, having brochures out on your table is a good way to let customers know about them. You can always direct them to a brochure with images of your other work to get a better idea of your other products and services. Having business cards available is a quick way for someone to pick up your contact info for re-ordering products or to give your info to someone else.
Organizing your Booth for a Craft Fair - Brochures and Business Cards

Have an email sign-up list that doubles as a product give-a-way. 
Getting your customers information is key to developing a relationship with them. With an email list you can let people who are interested in your products know when you are will be at other craft fairs and are having special events or promotions going on.
A great way to get people interested in your products is to give them away for free! Using the email sign-up as a drawing for free products or services is a great motivator for people to share their contact info with you.

{Since we both provide products and services, we used our email sign-up for a Professional Organizing Consultation and 1 Hour Session give-a-way. We chose one winner each day of the craft fair. We emailed the rest of the people who signed up to thank them for stopping by our booth and to share our website/social media pages with them.}
Organizing your Booth for a Craft Fair - Email Sign up and Giveaway

7. Everything Else

Have a booth partner or helper.
Being stuck at your booth at ALL times is not fun. You need small breaks to go to the bathroom, stretch your legs, and to meet and network with the other vendors. Having a co-working or friend who is outgoing, knows your products and will be good at fielding related questions is key to selling your products.

{Nicole and I were a great team. It was awesome having two people who could talk to customers. One of us would be ringing up the sale as the other person bagged the item. It was great to be able for each of us to get breaks to check out all of the other amazing vendors.}
Organizing your Booth for a Craft Fair - Nicole and Shawna

Things you’ll need for your comfort during the event.
Unless you plan to spend all your profits at the food vendors, it’s a good idea to bring a cooler with plenty of water and snacks.
Though you might not get much use out of it, bringing a chair for yourself and your booth partner.

{We found that we didn’t do very much sitting at our booth because we were wanting to engage our customers and it’s hard to do that while sitting behind a table. Nicole had the brilliant idea of bringing a tall stool to sit in on day two. The height of the stool still allowed us to rest our little piggies while still sitting at a similar height as a browsing customer on the other side of the table.}

8. FREE Downloadable Vendor Checklist

Here’s a free checklist you can download (PDF) and print off before your next craft fair!


Organizing your Booth for a Craft Fair (13)


Post by Shawna in Kansas City.

Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair!

What: Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair!

We (Shawna & Nicole) will have a tent set-up outside and be selling products from our soap! line.
Stop by to pick-up some of your own customized soap! or just to say “hi!”.

Organic Cleaning Products - Kansas City Professional Organizers - Soap Family - Smaller

There will be a ton of talented hand crafters selling their home-made goodies as well as photobooths and food trucks! Check out the list of vendors!

Where: Alexander Majors Historical House @ 8201 State Line Rd, Kansas City, Missouri 64114

When: 10am – 5pm on Saturday, May 2nd & Sunday, May 3rd

Hope to see you there!

Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair May 2nd and 3rd

Preparing for Tiny Living – 9/3/14

IMG_0056 smaller

Workshop Resources:

Budget Worksheet (Google Drive Spreadsheet)

To make a copy of this budget worksheet: open the link, to go file > make a copy. The sheets tabs at the bottom will allow you to use this template for each month’s tracking by duplicating the ‘MASTER’ sheet and renaming it for the appropriate month.

Simplifying and Downsizing:


Saving Money:

Tim Ferris’s Blog:

Preparing for Tiny Living - WeOrganizeAustin

Preparing for Tiny Living Workshop:

Daily Habits
Creating a Budget


9/3/14 at 6:30pm

301 Chicon St. Suite C, Austin, Tx

chicon map

Please RSVP to our Facebook event for the latest.
And if you haven’t already, join the Austin Tiny House Community Facebook group.