Making the Off Season Clothing Swap and Pairing Down

Everyone has those clothes hanging in your closet that you have good intentions for, but you never aaaactually wear. I’m hanging on to some jeans that don’t quite fit anymore, but I keep swearing to myself that I’ll be able to squeeze back into them… soon?

Today’s client was doing an off season clothing swap and needed to pair down some of her clothes that she had good intentions for, but didn’t really ever wear.

A great way to manage those off season clothing items is to store them separately from your in-play items. Whether in another closet, in bins in your attic or garage, or just at the back of your closet.

Check out last year’s winter clothes that had been stored in her cedar closet:
Pairing Down Clothes - off season closet full of unused clothes

She was honest with herself about which clothes she had actually worn in the past year and was able to pair down to this, before moving this years winter clothes into the closet:
Pairing Down Clothes - off season closet after donations

Now that the cedar closet had some room, she was able to turn her current closet from cluttered and over-run:
Pairing Down Clothes - hanging closet full of off season clothing

To sorted by type:
Pairing Down Clothes - organized hanging closet after storing off-season and donating

She also worked some major magic with her shoe storage and was able to let go of several pairs of shoes that she didn’t wear anymore.

Her shoe cabinet before:
Pairing Down Clothes - shoe cabinets full of no longer used shoes

And her shoe cabinet after:
Pairing Down Clothes - organized shoe cabinets after donating and storing off-season

Now, all of her winter clothes are stored nicely in the cedar closet and her upstairs, bedroom closet houses the cute summer dresses and items she’ll need through these hot Texas summers!


Pairing Down Clothes - hanging closet full of off season clothing before and after organizing Pairing Down Clothes - shoe cabinets before and after